Two of our writers pen their organic responses to a project without discussing it in advance. how will they stack up?

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Each track is catchier than the last, and my personal favorite has to be 5 Thousand Singles. The eclectic and electric personality of SAINt JHN shines through as he weaves his way through precise lyricism and fantastical storytelling, all in a fashion that makes you want to headbang until your neck breaks.

Though occasionally exploding with SAINt JHN’s unquenchable energy Ghetto Lenny's Love Songs is an appeal to his most romantically introspective sensitivities. And somehow *shout out to his inner creative transcendentalism* it doesn’t falter in any way. 

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Boogie has never been one to shy away from shedding light on the true nature of life on the unforgiving streets of Compton. But it’s refreshing to see that his recent popularity and signing to Shady Records has, if anything, only sharpened and reaffirmed his direction as the contrarian to what many consider “success”.

Everything we’ve loved about him since the Bitter Raps days – the attitude, the meaningfulness, the sense of humor, and the love – have not been lost, only improved upon. Everything we’ve wanted for him – the acknowledgement, the connections, the fame, and the album – are here to stay.

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That is in essence what Delirium is, and following the slap heavy project 

Nahforreal’ up with such a complimentary but drastically different compilation is nothing short of impressive. Demo does not get the credit he deserves for the amount of production and lyricism he puts out while maintaining a very distinct, unapologetic, hard-nosed, street-wise brand of hip hop.

Defined by lyricism, by flow, by cadence; Defined by meaningful penmanship, by classic low-fidelity New York production, by a balance between the old and the new, Delirium is the kind of project from the kind of artist that make us question why music like it doesn’t more often finds its way into acclaim from the public hip-hop fanbase. 

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The true genius of Oxnard has just as much to do with how true to .Paak’s classic laid-back cool as it does with the unexplored avenues he explores. 

Throughout the album, you feel ever more plugged into the sun-soaked fantasy and harsh reality of .Paak’s journey, an adventure of deep emotional scars, short-lived but fiery romance, and dedication to a craft.

At its core, the project is a product of the vastness seen in neo-soul and its constantly expanding boundaries, absorbing in the process R&B, funk, jazz, and hip-hop, though of course it all bears its own .Paak spin. That spin, which in effect is a series of nods towards his ability to keep pace with anyone else in music – no matter their stylistic preference – is what makes Oxnard such a work of genius. 


The mark of a great leader is someone who elevates the ability of those around them. The mark of a great artist is someone who takes things you never had thought of before and constructs them into a final product that somehow astonishingly works. Anything worthwhile is polarizing. Nothing that ever meant anything would fail to make you feel indifferent. Whether you love it or hate it, Testing checks those boxes.

Rocky has never once pursued any of his creative passions with boundaries. A no-fucks-given-what-anybody-thinks kind of attitude is after all, what his true fans really love about him. But what he has done with Testing is unprecedented in ways that only the keystone projects from some of modernity’s most resonant creators have accomplished.