Ringing w/ ElectroSoul, 24.’s ‘CAN’T STOP’ is a Springtime Anthem

 Evan Dale // March 17, 2021 

From a groovy corner of the Southern underbelly, 24 (stylized as 24.) is crafting Electro-Soul jams ringing with flavors from hip-hop, R&B, and beyond. A Nashville native based in Huntsville, Alabama, 24’s is not necessarily a Southern sound, instead defying geography and blurring the lines of myriad stylistic nuances from the past and present. Latest single, CAN’T STOP feels productively reminiscent to something KAYTRANADA would build, or that GoldLink would rap over, bleeding with wavy synths, house tastes, and a dichotomy between the melodic and the more hard-nosed rapped. And with fellow Soulstress, Lina in the mix, the track emerges impossibly refined and professional for such up-and-coming names. It’s a dance-worthy, emotion-evoking anthem for the oncoming Spring.


And such is the nature of the emerging creative youth. Truthfully, all of 24’s work bleeds of the same studio-established sound – a theme common across the emerging cultural capital that is Nashville where past collaborators Ron Obasi and JordanXx came together to craft understated anthem, Hennybito.


Keep an eye out for more from 24, more from Nashville, more from Huntsville, and more from other small-market creative hubs that are truly defining the direction of music’s future.