New Name, Same Silky Sound | ALIAH – Formerly Aaliyah Allah – is ‘In The Middle’

 Evan Dale // April 1, 2021 

New name, same silky sound. ALIAH – formerly Aaliyah Allah – is here with the first single under her redefined moniker, and expectedly it’s a springtime R&B anthem. Overtop an electro-nuanced progression from A Billion Young that blossoms with the subtle synth strokes, poppy keys, and an echoey backdrop we’ve come to expect in ALIAH’s foundation, the rising Chicago soulstress puts on display exactly why she’s one of the most intriguing and unique names anywhere in today’s R&B scene.


There is a certain something in her sound that has always leant itself to seasons changing towards the warmer. Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, ALIAH’s auditory aesthetic – one blooming with romance through s bombardment of crystalline vocals and golden hour poetry – is fitting of reading a book in a sun-soaked park or drinking rosé on a rooftop with those you love. And though her name is now different, In The Middle fits the expectations of her sound and its seasonally intertwined sunshine, with perfection.


Be on the lookout for more from ALIAH, who’s always working on something new.