April + VISTA Return w/ a Dark Future Soul Experiment, ‘The Receiver’ ft. Zeroh

 Evan Dale // March 17, 2021 

Largely incognito since their dynamic 2018 debut project, You Are Here, experimental FutureSoul duo, April + VISTA are back again with a new single, The Receiver. The vocalist-producer twosome have crafted – either through their own music or through collaborations like 2019’s Love in the Sky with McClenney – robustly unique aesthetics that span the range of the influences – Hip-Hop, Funk, R&B, Soul, Folk, and beyond. With The Receiver, the may be taking their most risk-laden and ultimately game-changing lane yet.


The single, which also folds in the lyrical mosaic of Zeroh in a closing bout of poetic sustenance, bleeds of an electro-nuanced beat that leaves April’s vocals suspended in the zero-gravity experimentalism. In result, a darkly futuristic soul sound for another galaxy leaves The Receiver and the listener in a space dying for more, and wondering what more would even come to sound like. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.