The BlackSon is Back & ‘Black Flag’ is a Must-Listen for Any Lyrical Fan

 Evan Dale // Nov 15, 2020 

One of the Nashville scene's most elusive names is also one of its most its most illustrative lyricists. The BlackSon is back, and Black Flag is a must-listen for any hip-hop head looking towards where the future of dynamic penmanship meets the anthemic rap hit. The single is both of those things. Brimming with quick-cadenced, hard-hitting verse and a hook that boasts of the same description, albeit with the kind of repetition and head-nodding nature that finds a banger permanent space in a listener’s memory bank, Black Flag deserves its title in its colorway opposite of surrender.


Nashville has been waving that Black Flag for some time. It’s current explosive, unparalleled hip-hop orbiting underground is the most expressly intriguing of any in the modern scene, and that underground’s strong representation of its roots draws on the timeless nature of hip-hop to make statement after statement on the importance, beauty, and power of Nashville’s culture.  Within it, names like The BlackSon and local anthems like Black Flag comes to stand for even more. But for now, we’ll call it what it is: a hit and a welcomed return from a necessary force in a necessary scene.