Brian Brown Drops a Lil Sum’n Sum’n for the Go Getters with ‘OnlyFans’

 Evan Dale // Dec 11, 2020 

With a voice designed to tell stories, Brian Brown has emerged as Tennessee hip-hop’s draw-driven Dr. Seuss. And with his new single, he proves that no subject matter is off limits, and that with only a SoundCloud account, a listener can obtain access to the workings of his mind in the way one can only otherwise obtain access to other things via OnlyFans. Overtop a mellow Sir Illington beat, Brown belays ‘a lil sum’n sum’n for da go getters.’ The results? A money-making jam celebrating the income for anyone hustling for it.


It’s a stripper anthem for the quarantine era. It’s a trap anthem for a new kind of hustle. OnlyFans is another anthemic hit from Brian Brown that feels at once effortless and necessary for a hip-hop scene moving in a new direction thanks to Nashville.