BROCKHAMPTON’s long awaited, hyped-to-the-extreme third album of 2017, Saturation lll dropped yesterday, and the music world was collectively curious what it might bring. The talented group, preferring the label of boy band, birthed by an Internet forum, and reminiscent in scheme and in some ways stylings to an early Odd Future, stayed true to form and provided us with something unexpected.


Their music has gained an extraordinary following that has expanded from niche and cult to a more widespread hip-hop audience over the course of the year – predominantly since June when the first of the Saturation trilogy was released. Releasing three albums in the course of six months is no small task, but it has provided listeners a chance to witness the individual and communal growth, definition, and improvement of BROCKHAMPTON and all of its members.


BROCKHAMPTON has transitioned from an awkward, yet beautifully useful junk drawer of obscure items into the full-blown contents of a clean and organized craft closet that has worked together to create something beautiful. That something is Saturation lll and it has left us excited to see what’s to come. 

Check out BROCKHAMPTON's Saturation 3 Below: