Bobby Earth & Allen Love are Button | ‘Rumble Pack’ is an Indefinable Mosaic

 Evan Dale // Nov 15, 2020 

Eclectic and enigmatic. Both adjectives have long described Houston experimentalist and producer, Bobby Earth whose newest collaborative project with Atlanta-based bassist, Allen Love goes by the name, Button; whose collective release is titled Rumble Pack. Naturally, eclecticism and enigma run rampant through the meandering six-track EP, brimming with staple Love basslines and hip-hop and R&B oriented Earthly flow. But, outside of the broad, Rumble Pack is hard to delineate with legitimate grip. It’s expansive, bold, and ultimately experimental in length.


What can be said about it, however, is that it is unendingly listenable. From the experience of honing his skill in world-building some of the most uniquely laid-back deliveries of the past couple years, Earth – whether working with himself or his long list of collaborators and Milky Wayv signees – has become incredibly adept at taking any sound – any stylistic lane – and bringing it to his level of imitable cool and calm.


Bleeding with funky basslines and an affinity for the electronic nuance of production, Rumble Pack orbits its two artists’ foundational pillars and in spin, explores a wider range of style by way of vocals and lyricism. Between Bobby Earth – a capable purveyor of emotion and poetry in his own right – and the inclusions of ROMderful and Noor, Rumble Pack is packed full of heavy hitting, wide-ranging vocalism that broadens even further the project’s scope.


In result, the entire thing emerges an exploration of fluidity in the post-genre era, bundled into the reminiscence of 90’s Nintendo thematics.