Case Arnold, Mocha, Peter $un & Lasik are Crafting Timeless Sounds ‘Round Here’

 Evan Dale // Dec 18, 2020 

A blindingly sunshiny vibe is simply the result when certain artists are in the same room – or at least on the same track. And Round Here – a single that folds the meditative wave of Case Arnold, the high tones and deep bass of Mocha, the effortless cool of Peter $un’s poetry, and the lo-fi genius of Lasik’s production – emanates of exactly that kind of sonic warmth. It’s an introspective bike ride through the city; It’s a kickback anthem for the kids who love the old school; It’s a timeless exhibition of the coalescence between soul and hip-hop’s ever-evolving fluidity. Round Here is a mosaic of so many different lanes coming together in sonic perfection under the banner of honest positivity that it makes a listener forget about the lesser music and the lesser moments.


Its nuances are also impeccably balanced. Each artist holds true to their slice of the pie while Lasik’s knack for baking them all together deserves applause. It’s seamless blending also speaks to the artistic collaboration of a slew of artists that tend to always blend the soul to the rhyme, the melodic to the lyrical, the then to the now.