A Certain Energy & Kota the Friend Combine for Mellow New Track, Rollin 

 Evan Dale // Sep 20, 2018 

A definitive feeling of reminiscence accompanies the sound of up-and-comer, A Certain Energy, whose most recent track, Rollin’ is a sonically laid-back yet lyrically supersonic take on slow and steady vibe hip-hop. It’s high-energy yet effortless; hype yet sleepy; mellow yet lyrically profound. Its firm sense of duality, exaggerated further by the juxtaposition between Energy’s underbreath delivery and that of Kota the Friend who himself possesses something altogether more vocally direct, is really what’s most intriguing about the track. 


Rollin’, depending on your conscious state while listening, feels like two very different songs. One is defined more by its production and Energy’s hypnotic delivery, instilling a vibe of calmness and peaceful collectivity. The other is defined by Kota’s approach and by the pair’s collectively profound penmanship, providing a more consciously aware energy. 


But, no matter which version of the track your subconscious hears, there’s something undeniably reminiscent about its sonic placement. It feels more at home next to the underground scene of the late 00’s than it does next to the Soundcloud era of the now, and for that, we greatly appreciate the creative courage of it all. 

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