Being most closely associated with renowned producers like Flying Lotus, L’Orange, Samiyam, and Ras G, it seems logical to jump to the conclusion that Jeremiah Jae is an experimental producer himself. And truthfully, making such an assumption wouldn’t really be wrong. Though definitely popularized as a rapper, it’s difficult to cage him within the bounds of hip-hop music without using adjectives like experimental, left field, and cutting-edge. These descriptions are especially apt for Jae’s most recent EP, When Daffi Attacks, abundant with bizarre samplings, bold production, and sharp lyricism.


Perhaps his upbringing as the son of a jazz musician led him to his experimental sound, or perhaps his experimental sound has been birthed by way of his relationship with leaders in the blossoming world of dark, risky production. Regardless of his influences, the When Daffi Attacks EP proves that Jeremiah Jae has flourished into a solid artist of his own unique style, and with his talent and powerful friends, it’s a matter of time before we start hearing a lot more from him. And we’re not complaining.

Listen to the When Daffi Attacks EP below