Clean-cut, laid back R&B duo, Abhi//Dijon is back. Well… almost anyway. The latter name of the self-described “two cats, one game” released a wintertime single that proves this cat has plenty of scratch as a soloist. Dijon is his name and Violence is his latest release. It’s a mellow, smooth jam that is clearly reminiscent of the duo’s conglomerate sound. An emotional rollercoaster with poetic lyricism, Oceanesque vocals, and silky production, Violence is just what you need this holiday season. Whether enjoying it next to a loved one and a crackling fire, or alone with a bottle of late night white, Violence will have you feeling right.


Two Dijon released singles in 2017 does leave us with some questions though. Where is Abhi and when is more music on its way? 

Check out the new single and more from Abhi/Dijon on Spotify