The unmistakable bubbliness that we’ve come to expect over the years from all three points of influence on the song Maybes­, is what stands out most. The song, originally from the joint minds of electronic producer Giraffage and electropop soloist, Japanese Breakfast, edited and re-released by Giraffage, and then remixed and re-re-released by RAC on Giraffage’s Too Real (Remixes) EP puts on full display how vast the realm of possibilities is when talented artists respectfully edit and remix one another’s work.


Unlike, in my opinion, the other inclusions on the EP, Maybes alongside Hiko Momoji’s remix of Slowly, are relevant, beautiful projects that pay respect to the originals while providing them a new and desirable form – something that is too often lost in the modern remix market.


Either way, Giraffage has been on a roll in 2017, and is showing no sign of slowing down. 

Check out the Maybes remix and the rest of Giraffage's Too Real (Remixes) EP on Spotify.