UK Soul Futurist, Aaron Taylor Delivers Wide-Ranging A-side / B-side

 Evan Dale // Jul 27, 2018 

Aaron Taylor, the London neo-soul and R&B futurist constantly in search for a balance between tradition and experimentation, has once again struck sonic gold. Joining in on the movement towards stylistically differentiating A-side / B-side releases, Taylor gives us Spaceship & I Think I Love You Again


Both underlined by funky roots, constructed of analogue and digital instrumentation, and highlighted by the vast and varied vocal exploits to be expected, the two tracks extend wayward from there. 


Spaceship is an upbeat modern funk take built by bouncy key strokes and electronic mood swings, all the while kept in check by a swatch of soulful vocal reaches and intriguing cadence shifts. 


I Think I Love You Again, albeit still funk-inspired, takes form of the more downtempo and emotionally capable direction the title would assume. A firmer display of his unique vocalism and extensive range, the track, in combination with Spaceship, rounds out the complimentary reaches of his creative sphere.


The two-track release isn’t only a textbook example of an A-side / B-side’s ability to exhibit, from multiple angles, an artist’s wholesome musicality, but also a pair of lead-up singles towards his forthcoming EP, The Long Way Home, expected next month. 


Be on the lookout because Aaron Taylor has become, and is always reaffirming himself as, a keystone artist in the UK’s explosive neo-soul movement, and his next project is sure to bring with it more wide-ranging innovation and experimental creativity. 

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