Aaron Taylor Puts a Stamp on Rangy 2020 3-Track EP, 'Be My Muse' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 2, 2020 

To round out his 2020 workings thus far, London Neo-Soul transcendentalist, Aaron Taylor gives the world Be My Muse. The name, both a three song EP and its opening track, including earlier calendar offerings Don’t Leave Me Alone & Shooting Star, is an exhibition of funk-wrought soul experimentalism that knows no epochal boundaries. Instead, especially when coming together with the upbeat positivity of the titular track itself, the project is a well-rounded glimpse into not only the range of Taylor, but that of predominant UK soul at large, for which, there could be no better ambassador.


Focusing on the track, Aaron Taylor once again proves that he can formulate a jam or a ballad; an anthem to dance to or to cry to. And realistically, the project has both of those and more. Be My Muse itself opens the greater project with beautiful serenity and timeless disco-influenced danceability. Even being the only track of the three without a feature, it is every bit as standout as its compatriots, proving yet again that Aaron Taylor is one of the more dynamic players in a larger game to see Neo-Soul climb to new, experimental heights.