Aaron Taylor Links with Lalah Hathaway for 'Don't Leave Me Alone' 

 Evan Dale // May 12, 2020 

London Neo-Soul songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist, Aaron Taylor is an artist of musical heights, driven by emotion, relatability, and the kind of voice that one can’t help but feel immediately tied to. For the most part, his work is simple, and that’s what makes it beautiful and unique. Stripping singles and projects of any extravagant production and inorganic instrumentation, his is the rawest example of Soul music in a modern Neo-Soul and R&B scene often driven by a barrage of externalities.


Don’t Leave Me Alone is his new single and comes as a dualistic ballad between he and famed, acclaimed soulstress, Lalah Hathaway. Expectedly, the single is a timeless one, as minimalist in its overarching textural nature as it is maximalist in its successful emotion. Downtempo and emotionally downtrodden in comparison with the more funk and jazz oriented of his vibrancies, Don’t Leave Me Alone finds itself rooted strongest in the purity of soul and emotion, which for Aaron Taylor is no surprise, and for his listeners, is a much-needed moment of calm and contemplation.