Aaron Taylor’s Second Single of 2019 is a Relatable Soul Ballad | Let Me Fly

 Evan Dale // Oct 21, 2019 

Aaron Taylor - Let Me Fly.jpg

London Neo-Soul transcendentalist, Aaron Taylor is back with his second single release of the year, Let Me Fly. Shining brightest in its immersivity as a penned exploration into restrictive relationships that all of us can relate to in one way por another, Aaron Taylor’s rangy, explosive vocals make the pain of the track even more relatable and immersive. As an artist who has spoken before on his lyricism stemming from his most personal experiences, his knack at diving into those experiences and pulling the beauty out of them is perhaps the thing most remarkable about his music. And in combination with his raw, one-of-a-kind vocalism, that personal touch is what makes Let Me Fly just another example of Aaron Taylor’s importance to the London scene and the city’s stance as the Neo-Soul capital of the world. 


Keep an ear out for more from Taylor who is working towards another chapter following last year’s release of The Long Way Home.