Adekunle Gold Unearths Emotion and Intimacy with Acoustic Young Love

 Evan Dale // Oct 19, 2019 

Adekunle Gold - Acoustic.png

The key with any acoustic cut is unearthing a level of depth and intimacy that the original did not without losing any of what made it so special in the first place. Success requires a certain amount of range, artistic understanding, and of course, instrumental prowess. And if there’s anything we’ve learned from Nigerian vocalist, songwriter, and quite frankly, fashion lord, Adekunle Gold, it’s that range is not in short supply. As a key figure in the West African Cultural Renaissance, Adekunle Gold has spent 2019 releasing a barrage of videos, singles, and their subsequent remixes; the most recent of which is his acoustic version of Young Love.


Where the original was already a romantic exploration of West African instrumentation and production bound for pop obsession worldwide, the acoustic cut speaks more to his penmanship and less to his Afro-Pop sensitivities. It’s an exhibition not only of how bright his vocalism can shine when standing almost alone, but also a display of just how powerful his writing ability is. The result is exactly what artists strive for with an acoustic cut – unpolished, raw, emotive, and courageous. And it’s just another sign of just how important Adeknule Gold is to the modern wave of West African artists reaching a global audience and influencing the greater direction of music, art, and fashion.