We’ll be honest in saying that Kali Uchis made her way into our lives via her feature on Daniel Caesar’s album-headlining jam, Get You, and from that moment onwards, it’s been nothing but obvious that we were missing out on a truly talented artist. It’s no surprise that she continues to gain momentum and is garnering a lot of attention not only as a feature artist but also as the kind of artist that big names in the industry want to collaborate with.


The latest in a stream of success stretching back to a slew of 2017 singles and guest appearences is her first single of 2018, After the Storm featuring Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins. Kali’s soft, smooth vocals and Collins’ funky, soulful vibe are reminiscent of the Motown and Funk Era greats while also and set the stage for the powerful collaboration with Tyler, the Creator to thrive.

Listen to it below and be on the lookout from a full-length Kali Uchis project, who hasn't released on since 2015