New york by Way of Venezuela, Jazzy Alë Jay Slows it Down for Melodic '09' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 14, 2020 

Venezuelan-born, New York-based Alë Jay always attacks his musicality with a fervor for pushing the limits of merged lanes. A bilingual vocalist, who also speaks in the language of brass, he is a master of pulling his knack for saxophone and production into a greater mix of jazzy, soulful reminiscence. With his first single since a brace last Summer – Face Turns Blue & Pegao A Ti – which brought a silky bit of experimental romance into our playlisted lives, Alë Jay only continues refining a sound like no one else in music.


09 is a more melodically mellow than his thus far four single releases, and even so, it’s struck to perfection. Signature by its sax breakdown, wildly risk-taking in its more vocally centric layers, 09 is yet another track that seems to point towards the fact that even if it weren’t Summer, Alë Jay would be making us wish that it was.