Alë Jay Blends the Reaches of His Range into the Sultry doin' to me 

 Evan Dale // Aug 25, 2018 

We’ve got a soft-spot for the world’s multi-dimensional artists because, well… one way or another, no matter who you are, they’ve got something for you. In recent years in an aggressive and firm move away from standard genrefication, multi-dimensional artists have sprung up in remarkable numbers, each one possessing remarkable range. 


The most recent of these well-versed and understated musical geniuses to capture our full and wide-ranging attention is New York songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, vocalist, and apparent linguist, Alë Jay. The broad-strokes artist has given the world doin’ to me, an electronic-vibes cut on the modern R&B lust anthem.


Driven by a mellow but dedicated productive direction, granting it an overarching air of electronica, its composition also blissfully bubbles over with a brass lead-in and fade-out and smooth and sultry vocals ringing out even sultrier lyricism like something from a modern Jodeci tape.


But if your clothes weren’t already sliding off by the track’s midway point, Alë Jay’s explosion into a steamy Spanish-soul verse will terminará el trabajo.


Fans of electronic, R&B, soul, and making love to Spanish music will find themselves very much at home in Alë Jay’s sonic embrace. Be on the lookout for more and follow him on Instagram for a constant flood of everything musical from innovative, modern flips to grassroots guitar.

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