Alë Jay’s New Single Face Turns Blue is Brimming with Soul and Emotion

 Evan Dale // Sep 18, 2019 

Ale Jay - Face Turns Blue.png

Multi-talented post-genre New York transcendentalist, Alë Jay is always worthy of the long delineations with which we umbrella his talent. The multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and vocalist paints sonic landscapes bursting with colorful emotion and inventive stylistic merging. His newest single is Face Turns Blue, and somewhere between the meditative piano chords, the signature saxophone breakdown, the addicting chorus, and the explosively one-of-a-kind vocal delivery that reminds us of some of soul’s most unique textures, it’s our favorite from him so far. And that’s saying a lot. Doin’ To Me – which earned him a Bacardi-sponsored, Major Lazer-endorsed music video, is every bit as raw and experimental, so if you haven’t listened (or seen), do yourself a favor


But something about the sweet, sweet soul of Face Turns Blue appeals to our sensitivities here at RNGLDR and makes for an anthemic ballad to help us in our seasonal transitions. 


Shout out to Dan Ross for the introduction and for always pointing us in the direction of the unendingly talented artists of the world.