Alë Jay Continues Rollout of Anthemic Singles with Nic Hanson Collab, Pegao A Ti

 Evan Dale // Oct 29, 2019 

Ale Jay - Pegao A Ti.png

Venezuala-New York City, multi-instrumentalist, producer-vocalist, Alë Jay has been a recurring figment of the light-hearted, Latin-founded, electro-funk spectrum if for no other reason than that he’s the specificity’s way-paving mainstay. Fond of a saxophone, a bubbly aesthetic, and an affinity for Spanish verses and hooks, the rest of his texture is unpredictable with the release of any given track.


His latest single release, Pegao A Ti is predictable in its identity as a pop-adjacent latin-twist anthem, and unpredictable as a new exhibition of Alë Jay as a collaborative force. Pegao A Ti invites electro-soul vocalist, Nic Hanson to cement his sonic silk overtop the complex workings of Alë Jay’s instrumental layering and breakdown composition. And together, the two make Pegao A Ti another emotive club banger to add to each of their emerging and wide-ranging canons.