One of the artists more difficult to pinpoint in all of modern music's expansive universe driven in recent years by a particular push towards multi-dimensional creatives and genre-transcending styles, is Alxndr London. With the trending away from traditional gentrification, no musician may better exhibit the idea that individual artists need not be defined by a broader styling, rather, simply by their own. 


Alxndr London's styling is one that exists only bound by the reaches of his own lively imagination and particular flair for the anti-reality to which it calls home. Driven by a poetically enticing and equally bizarre lyrical ability, a haunting vocal range equal to the best falsettos across music, and a fondness for a barrage of experimental and UK-influenced production, London's style is worthy of the wide-ranging and historically-important weight that his namesake carries. 


Recent single, Jury, Judge, Executioner, is his latest offering that speaks even further to the idea that attempting to define artists in the modern age, even by the terms of their own past work, is a death sentence. 


Though clearly born of the same bold mind that brought us Today, one of yesteryear's most tempting projects, Jury, Judge, Executioner takes on an identity that seems to shift and re-align even as it plays. A steady duality of vocal approaches in conversation - one seemingly conscious and one sub-so - drives consistency into the track while the underlying production, heavily influenced by notable British styles of the past - predominantly garage drum kits - deconstruct and rebuild themselves throughout the track's entirety. 


The layering draws a sort of reminiscence into the single, while the elements that are so strictly Alxndr London bring them all together for a final product that ensures a future certain of only two notions - concrete artistry and complete unpredictability.