Soul Experimentalist Alxndr London Returns with Talking Drum

 Evan Dale // May 31, 2019 

Alxndr London - Talking Drum.png

Vibrant and unadulterated experimentation finds its purest form in the auditory architecture of Alxndr London. The UK soul singer of the undefinable and downright curious has established himself as one of the most important, courageous artists guiding us all towards an era when genre ceases to exist. His 2018 debut album, 2023 is nearly half-an-hour of musical lanes adjacent to art of the past, but not truly reminiscent of any in particular. And that purely creational genius is likewise what guides his newest single and first release since 2023Talking Drum.


The name in and of itself is an ode to London’s innate knack for utilizing his voice as an impossibly wide-ranging and colorful instrument. Layers of his vocal delivery play back and forth in conversation throughout Talking Drum, weaving in and out of low, dark synth strokes and fervent basslines of the electronic texture. Eventually culminating in a breakdown built of the same elements, the track is an emotional enigma of wild risk-taking that has somehow been harnessed and perfected by Alxndr London, even amidst his own unending experimentation.