If you've been entranced by the groovy, calming production of Aussie artist ANH before, you're in luck. And if this is the first time you're hearing his name, a wide-ranging, deep pool of unique synth strokes, clean sampling, and unpredictable coolness awaits. 


But no matter which category you belong to, his newest track is sure to surprise and inspire awe. Extending far from his established roots as a bouncy electronic instrumentalist and designer of bubbly vibes, All Night is a darker track that delivers on its mysterious, Scott-inspired play through the vibrant features of American vocalists, Blair De Milo and Danny Dwyer. 


The track truthfully represents a change of pace for all three artists who tend to call home to slower, summerier production, more classic vocal approaches, and a softer overall sound. But when coming together, they've successfully found what many artists in collaboration cannot - a new style that represents not a compromise of creativity or a hierarchy of influence, but instead, a bold and blossoming work of mutually-inspired musical freedom, allowing a multiplication, not an average, of artistic input. 


An exciting and powerful track from its production to its lyricism, All Night should find its way into the playlists of fans from low-fi electronic to high-energy hip-hop, soundtracking dance-floors and inspiring wild nights in the process.