Ari Lennox Invites Doja Cat, Smino & Durand Bernarr | Shea Butter Baby Remixes 

 Evan Dale // Mar 24, 2020 

Shea Butter Baby marked 2019, and really put a stamp on the 2010’s at large, as one of the more inventive, unique, and sensually-dominant epochs in R&B, Neo-Soul, and hip-hop history. It also introduced Ari Lennox as the global phenomenon she with her remarkable voice and one-of-a-kind personality were always meant to be. Following its release and the two-part drop of Dreamville’s game-changing Revenge of the Dreamers lll, Ari Lennox continues flooding the airwaves with a three-track cut of remixed hits from Shea Butter Baby.


Folding a hard-hitting verse from Doja Cat into palpable sex anthem, BMO; an unpredictable, flow-centric opener from everyone’s favorite cadence architect, Smino on uplifting ballad, I Been; and the weaving, seamless range of R&B mainstay, Durand Bernarr on funky hit, Facetime, the remix three-pack is another unparalleled, necessary addition to the greater Ari Lennox storyline.