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Arin Ray Scores an R&B Classic with New Single, A Seat

 Evan Dale // Oct 26, 2019 

Arin Ray - A Seat.jpg

Arin Ray has been on a mission in 2019 to deliver one of the most complete and wide-ranging collections of single from any R&B artist cut of the modern cloth. Where Roses started the year on a note of modernist melancholy, and where Change highlighted his ability to pull together a collaborative romantic ballad, his latest, A Seat is a true and timeless R&B classic. 


Unendingly sexualized across its identity in penmanship and general texture, A Seat shines Arin Ray under a light as one of the modern spectrum’s most versatile and perfectionist R&B stars on the rise. Effortlessly emotive vocals put on exhibition just how talented his writing skills are, and just how well he manages to coalesce with old-school piano and funk bass-driven instrumentation.


Through it all, A Seat is one of the best standalone singles that the 2019 R&B spectrum has to offer. 


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