Arin Ray's new Single Roses Smells like Sex & Pancakes

 Evan Dale // Mar 6, 2019 

Cincinnati native, Arin Ray is a musical force whose work is probably more familiar than his name. Still early in his solo career, the R&B experimentalist has a profound and prolific track record of songwriting and collaborations with an impeccable list of established greats – Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, Terrace Martin, Childish Major. But, beginning last year with the release of his debut solo album, Platinum Fire, Arin Ray has been much more focused on his personal work and growth. Roses, his first single of 2019 earmarked by a Valentine’s Day release date, is a romantic, subdued anthem of love and loss that hits the feels in all the right places thematically, vocally, and all-around creatively.


Weaving in and out of hip-hop cadence and delicate vocalism, Roses is perhaps most noteworthy for its intensely experimental production and instrumentation that blends a slew of string instruments and floaty mixing together in a way as smooth and unexpected as Arin Ray’s own vocal and lyrical deliveries.