A$AP Rocky is Pissed and We're not Mad About it

 Evan Dale // Aug 29, 2019 

ASAP Rocky - Babushka Boy.jpg

Rocky’s pissed. And we’re thankful for it. But don’t misunderstand his anger. The hip-hop behemoth has more than enough reason to be mad at the world. We should all be thankful he’s channeling it into art. His first creative release since the Sweden fiasco is Babushka Boi and as if the track itself wasn’t violent and telling enough, just watch the video. In full Scarface makeup toting tommy guns and oversized suits, Rocky and his team of bandits rob a bank and make pork sausage out of some less-than-clever cops. 


The track itself is of signature creative cadence and high-fidelity experimental production that we’ve grown used to. A train of warning shots fired at any and all opposition make it reminiscent of Rocky’s LONG.LIVE.A$AP era where intensity and fiery lyricism prove he’s still the Rocky not-to-fuck-with that he’s always been. More undoubtedly inbound so get on his side or get the fuck out of the way.