After a couple days of letting our minds run wild and our opinions marinate, it’s time to speak more on the recent A$AP Rocky releases. And just like a bottle of fine, Rocky’s refreshing approach only gets sweeter with time. The most recent track in the series of three Dummie lead-ups is Money Bags Freestyle, and we can’t stop listening. His experimental style is clearly a statement on the over-produced, over-hype, over-the-top state of modern hip-hop and comes as the most refreshing breath of air the game has seen in quite a while.


Rocky’s flow is typical to the smoothness we expect, his ever-present laid-back energy holds true even when he is dishing out insults, and more than anything, what’s missing from the song in terms of production and perfection, only highlights Rocky’s barebones skill and impresses us more. The genuine sense of the freestyle is something rarely seen or rarely executed in modern rap, and the minimalist approach to all his new music, which will likely be exhibited in his upcoming album, is a bold and daring attempt to change the direction of a genre being heavily pulled in the opposite direction.

Listen to the recent releases on Soundcloud & be on the lookout for Dummie dropping soon