Per transcendence and stylistic indefintion, multifaceted St. Louis artist, As.e returns for his first track in more than a year, a THEMpeople produced, Daniel Caesar inspired, bold new take on his sonic approach. Wine & Rice is as soothingly mellow and impassionedly performed as anything in his canon that provides his listeners a new texture – one that we all hope he continues to pursue. 


His 2017 EP, 4oreverly was reeling in emotion and subtle softness in its own way, but the feeling born from Wine & Rice is something altogether more acoustic, wholesome, and genuinely relatable. A comfortable maturation of his naturally gifted sound that, through a series of shifts in cadence and the always clever editing of the Chicago collaborative, shines a light on his ability to write, croon, rap, adapt, and bring together the soft edges of his R&B futurist / neo-soul bounds within the modern reaches of stylistic transcendence and creative push.