Swedish-Iranian Ayelle Explores Downtempo Poignancy with Parts

 Evan Dale // May 30, 2019 

Ayelle - Parts.png

There are few modern songstresses whose music is more attached and even reliant on deep explorations of emotion than Ayelle. The high-tone Swedish-Iranian vocalist fond of her explorations overtop mellow electronic production – most often coming from the talented sphere of friend and frequent collaborator, Sonn – continues to emerge and explode as a force vocally and experimentally. 


Her newest single is Parts – a wavering three-minute composition fusing her otherworldly vocals with deep electronic basslines and soft piano keys. The result is a heartbroken ballad of a calming texture the likes of which really isn’t comparable to any other artist of the moment without mentioning darker deliveries from Purity Ring and the remix circles of modern R&B hits. Instead, Ayelle is her own texture, and her music is unendingly wide-ranging. Just listen to a single like Rush and see how intense her juxtaposition is capable of being.