London's BAELY Channels Prince for Sophomore Single, Paranoid

 Evan Dale // July 26, 2019 

BAELY - Paranoid.png

Where his debut effort, Talking to the Walls inspired images of a dark room and romantic contemplation, South London soul songwriter, BAELY returns with a sophomore track greatly juxtaposing to what had previously been established. Paranoid is a bright, up-key exhibition of Prince’s influence on his sound. Marked by explosive synth chords, an immeasurable vocal range, and the clever placement of a light switch click, Paranoid is a more approachable, warm, and wide-ranging composition fit with a late breakdown proving his knack for emotional explorations is as prevalent as ever. 


It’s the kind of track that – hand-in-hand with Talking to the Walls – will continue putting on display just how wide-ranging BAELY’s artistry is. As his canon continues to expand and as a debut project of some sort continue to take shape, it would seem that BAELY – true to the neo-soul dominance of his roots – is a legitimate player.