London's BAELY Debuts with Veteran Effort in Talking to the Walls

 Evan Dale // May 1, 2019 

BAELY - Talking to the Walls.jpeg

You don’t earn cosigns from some of the most uniquely inventive artists in music without good reason. Engineered by Grammy-nominated Prash Mistry, produced by Marco Bernadis and Tyler Acord from Radiant Children, and driven by vocals inspired by his work with Jordan Rakei, Kwabs, and Will Heard, London’s BAELY breathes of poetic professionalism and veteran confidence with his solo debut single, Talking to the Walls. Between the track and its video, it’s obvious this is no novice effort. 


BAELY is the proud owner of a wide-ranging vocal delivery that spends its time expressly emotional and reminiscent of some of the best UK soul vocalists of the moment – the deep end of Sampha, the falsetto of Alxndr London. But he does so, in honor and with respect to all those he’s learned from – in a way that sounds as individual as they come. Talking to the Walls rides an electronic-nuanced beat minimalist enough to allow for BAELY’s powerful delivery to exist as the unavoidable focal point of it all, and in that focus, his relatable penmanship and wavering delivery shine.


In the video, driven by BAELY’s undeniable cool and the silky choreography of his costar, Talking to the Walls explores its romantically challenging thematics without sacrificing any of the inventiveness the track boasts in the first place. A must-watch as much as it is a must-listen.