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'Fingerprints' | Bari Continues w/ Cyber Trap Experimentalism Towards New Album

 Evan Dale // Sep 25, 2020 

Bari - Fingerprints.jpg

Another addition to the cyber trap collection being steadily outfitted by St. Louis’s Bari, Fingerprints is nothing if not a fluid exploration of his creative identity marching towards forthcoming album, Layer Cake. The wide-ranging artist who spends his tracks effortlessly transitioning between various levels of the rapped and the sung stays making music like no one else.


Like recent single, Fuchsia, Fingerprints is another galactic bit of hi-fi future float boasting a subdued electronic nuance that allows his meditative, bouncy cadence play to take center stage as both an instrument for word play and an instrument, period. Addictingly vivacious, Fingerprints – with its high-flying experimentation merging with its mellow aesthetic – is another reason to keep an eye and an ear out for more as Bari creatively steamrolls hip-hop expectation towards Layer Cake.


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