Over a VZN Beat, Bari Transcends Electro & Hip-Hop with Vibrant 'Fuchsia' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 22, 2020 

Bari? An indefinable force of hip-hop invention.


Fuchsia? An experimental future rap fleur blooming with wavy electronic nuance and vibrant changes of cadence play.


The St. Louis rapper is a constant of artistic evolution. And his latest single – in a string of many thus far in 2020, and his second en route to the release of forthcoming project, Layer Cake – is another image of creative risks successfully pursued, stemming from his many petaled tiers. In so many ways, Bari exists in multiple aesthetic spaces at once. Essentially providing the features on his own track, his mosaic of differing, complimentary deliveries varying in their makeup rapped and melodied, build towards a sound that no collaborative effort, let alone one artist, brings to fruition in modern hip-hop.


Fuchsia takes the self-collaboration to a new level. Overtop a VZN beat that, too, meanders in its stylistic influence – between the trap-heavy bass lines and the electronic synth strokes – Bari seamlessly transitions from his quick-cadenced and silky signature, to a deeper, melodically-lighter verse, before circling back to a an addicting hook that plays in the grey areas between the two extremes. The result is a refined glimpse into the wide range of his sound, wrapped tightly as one of the most addictingly experimental hip-hop derivatives in recent memory.


Keep an eye out for Layer Cake.