Bari's Debut Album, MSTRGLSS is a Masterclass on Experimentalism

 Evan Dale // Feb 1, 2019 

Fresh from the Smino and Ravyn Lenae school of Zero Fatigue emerges an expectedly experimental project, MSTRGLSS, by way of St. Louis rapper, Bari. Perhaps the only lyricist with a delivery as unique and poetically one-of-kind as Smino himself, Bari – if you don’t know him yet – is here not only to stay, but to change the game entirely. A rising star amongst a creative team that has delivered nothing other than championing innovators, Bari with his debut album, steps into his role as the crowned prince of the Midwest connective collective. 


MSTRGLSS unfolds like a hypnotically dark and twisted hip-hop fairytale where every lyrical effort doubles as a melodically differentiating addition to a greater symphony and every last piece of its production has been meticulously placed. It’s impossible not to get drawn into greater storylines at work – sex, love, general lifestyle hype – while at the same time being entranced by Bari’s head-bobbingly meditated delivery. Even within the confines of what would be to anyone else a rigid lyrical and flow approach, he makes the most of his limited space. Using his simple one-word track titles as a straight-forward mold to shape each track’s addicting chorus, Bari turns MSTRGLSS into an undeniable masterclass on unearthing the endless range of hip-hop experimentalism.