Brasstracks Recruit Kyle Dion for Funky, Sexy Professional

 Evan Dale // Aug 20, 2019 

Brasstracks - Professional.png

Brasstracks continue to make a burgeoning career of being so good at what they do, that the best vocalists in music nearly always feature on their work. It’s a testament to the effort and uniqueness with which the instrumentally driven production duo goes about their business. In 2019 alone, Pell, R.LUM.R, and now Kyle Dion (among others) have granted their own spins to a Brasstracks song. 


Professional is built on an expectedly upbeat, funky foundation where Brasstracks set the stage for the Prince-esque silk and energy of Kyle Dion. Highlighted by a vibrant chorus the likes of which few if any other vocalists could pull off, Professional is only the latest Brasstracks single that proves the compositional team will continue recruiting some of music’s most talented vocalists, and making some of music’s most fun-loving, danceable anthems for time to come.