London Soulstress Bellah Debuts with Wide-Ranging EP

 Evan Dale // Sep 16, 2019 

Bellah - Last Train Home.jpg

London’s Bellah walks a line keeping her balanced between pop, hip-hop, and R&B. And her debut EP, Last Train Home, at the culmination of her debut year speaks to that balance. It’s a focused seven-track collection that at times wavers in one direction, and at times the other influenced, without ever losing its way. Leading singles like Drip, Peanut Butter Hazel, or explosive hit, Never Loved prequeled the project with a look into her range. And the new addition of four tracks expand on each. Though Never Loved and Try For You appeal to a more mainstream and family-friendly ear, Peanut Butter Hazel stands as our favorite track, shining Bellah’s vocal range and creative songwriting ability underneath a sensual R&B light.


It will be interesting to see where, in the wake of reactions to her different lanes, Bellah continues to push forward as such a young talent.