London's Bellah Delivers Sultry & Summery Peanut Butter Hazel

 Evan Dale // May 24, 2019 

Bellah - Peanut Butter Hazel.jpg

London soulstress, Bellah – in her debut year – has already left her mark with Never Loved. Back with a second single release, Peanut Butter Hazel, she continues to explore an affinity for bubbly production and its juxtaposition with her classic R&B delivery. Peanut Butter Hazel is just ambiguous enough to walk the line between the romantically poppy and sensually soulful, making it a clean, warm weather anthem for a wide-ranging audience. Perfect for a summertime date night or a day in the park with friends, its situational applications speak to Bellah’s pop-nuanced sensitivities. 


And with a continued display of widely palatable modern R&B, Bellah, with such a small canon, is primed for explosive growth throughout the soul music-leading UK, and the world.