Soulstress Newcomer, Bennett Releases Relatable Give Me A Reason

 Evan Dale // Nov 4, 2019 

bennet - give me a reason.jpg

New-coming soulstress, Bennet is a vocalist whose canon is the only thing limited about her music. A powerful, jazzy vocal range coalesces seamlessly with a knack for writing anthemic hooks and emotive poetry, leaving each of her releases that have all come out over the past year or so brimming with unique aesthetic and evocative emotionality. Give Me A Reason is her latest and expectedly, it likely hits home to everyone listening. 


Exploring the desire to forget and for-go past relationships, Bennet’s voice – especially as such a young artist – expresses pain as good as any others. And in her lane as a force of Neo-Soul youth and experimentation, Give Me A Reason is just the latest delivery that makes Bennet one of the most exciting up-and-comers working towards a debut project in 2019.