You've Got Time Today for BJ the Chicago Kid's Latest Baby-Maker

 Evan Dale // April 25, 2019 

BJ the Chicago Kid - Time Today.png

Could there be a more important, timeless figure in R&B than BJ the Chicago Kid? The man is an enigma of pitch and sexual penmanship the likes of which go unmatched in both directions. Recently it seems, BJ is working towards his next project – the first since 2016’s In My Mind – with a duo of single releases in the past month. The latter of which, Time Today is as signature sensual and provocative as they come. And yet, with BJ the Chicago kid, such thematic explorations seldom feel forced or corny.


Time Today is, to be frank, pretty much all about having enough time in the schedule to perform some pretty spectacular oral. It’s an orchestral production that makes his lyricism seem a little absurd, but it’s all pulled together so cleanly by his range that many might not even notice the track’s true direction. 


That direction is definitely down. So are we.