BJ the Chicago Kid Joins Forces with Ari Lennox for Time Today Remix

 Evan Dale // Oct 10, 2019 

BJ - Time Today Remix.jpg

Towards his 2019 album, 1123, soul veteran, BJ the Chicago Kid paved the path with Time Today. The single was not necessarily a stylistic or thematic change of pace for the R&B star – delineating hyper-sexuality with his one-of-a-kind high register – but it was a refined concurrence of a delivery that has been one of the most unique in music for almost a decade. 


And now, post-album, a feeling of 1123 circularity and further influential continuance is rounded out with a remix of Time Today starring Ari Lennox. The two have expected chemistry, both stars in their own right thanks to their insane vocal deliveries. And together, the Time Today Remix is reminiscent of the kind of soul and R&B duets that have defined the stylings’ illustrious pasts. 


What Tami Terrel & Marvin Gaye meant to the Motown era, Ari Lennox & BJ the Chicago Kid could mean to the modern cloth. And Time Today might be just the beginning.