Mysterious bLAck pARty Drops Floaty and Mellow 4AM In NY

 Evan Dale // May 21, 2019 

bLAck pARty - 4AM in NY.png

Since the acclaimed and indefinable release of 2016’s Mango, there has been very little heard from the enigma that is bLAck pARty. His psychedelia of boundless experimentation has begged for a continuation of his artistry, being a dominant driving force in modern R&B, neo-soul, and hip-hop’s post-genre fusion from the shadows of a handful of quiet releases. 


Now the Arkansas turned LA multi-dimensionalist of the undeniably wavy who capitalizes the specs of his name according to his dualistic roots, is back with a new single, 4AM In NY and it’s obvious he plans on never being defined. The slow, warm, buttery track is one that breathes of springtime breezes and rooftop sunrises whether you’re starting or finishing your day high up in the right way.


4AM is a difficult time to capture sonically, but somewhere in the velvety texture, bLAck pARty unearths exactly that.