bLAck pARty's Endless Summer is More Than a Seasonal R&B Masterpiece

 Evan Dale // Aug 24, 2019 

bLAck pARty - Endless Summer.png

For an artist whose influence is as omnipotent as bLAck pARty’s is on the modern construct of R&B and Neo-Soul, his mystery is unmatched. The reclusive figure took a long break from the pressure of public releases after his debut project, Mango shook the vocally-dominated spectrums in 2016. Bloom, Summer Love, and Best View made their way everywhere just as he became nowhere to be found. But earlier this year that changed. A rollout of singles, No complaints, 4AM in NY, and Home – all of which feature the crystal of fellow underrated vocalists – set in motion the path towards his new project, Endless Summer


Off the bat, the title fits right. bLAck pARty’s auditory aesthetic has been since Mango one built of floaty effortlessness, minimalist production, and unendingly laid-back vibes. Endless Summer is simply a more refined dive into that lane. For something as deceivingly simple as Endless Summer’s texture, it’s incredibly complex. And that’s thanks to the genius of his composition and the classic silk of his voice. For any fans of smooth soul, meaningful R&B, laid-back relatability, and an inventive coalescence of it all, bLAck pARty’s Endless Summer is a must-play for the remainder of the warm months and beyond.