Tighten your belt before you press play on Bobby Earth’s new single, Mood, or your pants will slide right off your waistline. The Houston producer, songwriter, and vocalist isn’t yet on the massive, global radar, but smart money says the auditory lube that his hyper-romantic, silky approach will apply to your musical taste buds graces him a favorable position and a deeper reach from here on out. 


The track’s roots are grown from Earth’s future-sex production that seem fed entirely by parallel techniques from interplanetary sources. A repetitive yet non-invasive composition built of analogue piano strokes, undertone keys, and some sort of bird’s whistle that peaks our interest in the bees, come together to buy our senses a drink. 


Mood breaks soil and whispers in our ear with the calming, welcoming, and poetic lyricism only to be penned by a mind inspired equal parts by the work of Marvin Gaye, E.L. James, and Elon Musk.


But where Bobby Earth finds full blossom is in the delivery of his timelessly smooth vocals. Absurdist sexual writing aside, he’s graced with a talent increasingly rare yet eternally sought after. His voice alone is capable of evoking intense human response. In combination with his ear for production and bold, unapologetic style, he has all the makings of the kind of artist capable of reshaping the R&B and soul spectrum.