West Coast juggernaut, Boogie, has always boasted a deep relationship between his music and video production. The rapper’s new track and video release, Self Destruction, also exhibits his duality in energies which have historically ranged between, and seen at this track’s majority, the powerful, robust, and addictive and to close, the laid-back, mellow, and romantic. In short, it’s another expectedly complex, listenable, and addictive Boogie single accompanied by a bold and innovative music video that sees our favorite Comptonite heroing a trio of settings. Whether casually posted up inside a home decorated by a blood’s favorite interior designer, Queen Elsa, hanging upside down over a pool, or riding his bike into the sunset (literally), the video is as vibrant, catchy, and daring as the track itself.


It’s been a while since we’ve gotten one – in fact, two Boogie releases – with his 2017 dual effort, Violence and Came Up, which were the inaugural tracks posted following his signing with Shady Records. But in the half-a-year since, he’s been relatively quiet. A recent effort in the development of friend and collaborator, KB Devaughn’s debut album, 4 Me, Not U, seems to have sparked a signature fire beneath Boogie that his fans appreciate more than any other trait.


From that fire has emerged a parallel sort of energy and excitement found in Boogie’s long and impressive list of career bangers. Bitter RapsOh MyNo Way, and now Self Destruction. Perhaps, as with the releases of the three single mentioned and their subsequent three full-length projects, Self Destruction can be seen as a signaling of sorts to a forthcoming project. 


Let’s keep our fingers crossed, but for the time being, lock away all of your valuable belongings, add Self Destruction to your summer house party playlists, and let the madness commence.