Inglewood's Brandon Banks Drops Emotional, Thought-Provoking LUCY

 Evan Dale // Sep 7, 2019 

Brandon Banks - Lucy.jpg

Inglewood, California songwriter and vocalist, Brandon Banks is an important name to keep an ear out for. His breakout came last year with Autumn: a mellow ballad on seasonal changes and love. And a year later, once again heading towards the colder months, he offers LUCY: another love song this time standing strong on bluesy chords and jazzy cadence. The single has no issue painting another landscape of calming vibes but also grants Banks’ audience a wider glimpse into his talent pool. Expectedly, Banks spends a lot of LUCY delivering his unendingly relaxed, emotionally-encapsulating vocals. But in verse, he also finds himself tending towards a meditative lyrical delivery that – thanks to the low tone of his soft pitch – exists somewhere triangulated between song, rap, and spoken word. In result, LUCY isn’t only emotive, it’s also thought-provoking.