Brandon Banks & Mereba Link for Stylistically Fluid SELF 

 Evan Dale // Dec 6, 2019 

Brand Banks - SELF.png

Inglewood soul enigma, Brandon Banks has teamed up with fellow LA experimental R&B force, Mereba for unique new single, SELF. Particularly transcendent stylistically, the track chooses not to adhere to any specific sound or premeditated feeling. Instead, it weaves in and out of vocal runs, muffled lyrical deliveries, bouts of acoustic guitar, and carefully curated relative silence. In finality and totality, it emerges a one-of-a-kind collective of auditory aesthetics, none of which are unexplored, but strewn together by the duo’s genial composition, thrives as a colorful patchwork across so many stylistic boundaries that both choose to ignore.


SELF isn’t quite hip-hop, spoken word, R&B, or Neo-Soul. Instead, at the hands of Brandon Banks and Mereba, it’s a firm study on the fluidity of sound and the absurdist confines of genre at large. Any fan of just about any lane of music and anyone with an emotional expanse has something to feel at home with in SELF. And everyone looking towards the vocally dominated spectrums of music should be on the lookout for a still-rising Brandon Banks.